Quantitative Methods in the Geosciences

GEOL 301 (Fall 2023) and GEOL 303 (Winter 2024) → i.e. GEOL 3301 on the semester system beginning Fall 2026

Note: GEOL 3301 is a semester course in development which will replace GEOL 301 and GEOL 303 when Cal Poly moves to the semester system in Fall 2026. This website will cover both GEOL 301 and GEOL 303 and also serve as the testing grounds for GEOL 3301.

An opening idea about this course

What type of data is this figure communicating?
How was the raw data processed or manipulated into what you see?
What might you do to improve the figure for a reader?

General Course Information

GEOL 301 Fall 2023 Syllabus and Schedule

Assignments Page

Files page → things to download.

Class Pages

These pages are not meant to be a day-to-day set of pages, but are rather kind of topics based. This means, for example, that the "Matlab Coding Resources" page will grow as we continue to discuss principles of Matlab programming in the first few weeks. When we move into setting up the "seismic tomography problem" indicated in the Course Introduction page, that will have its own (and growing) page, etc.

Data Sources

Please see the Data Sources page.

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